Entertainment® Offer Rules of Use

  • READ EACH OFFER CAREFULLYfor any conditions, restrictions and exclusions. When an offer has additional stated conditions, those conditions supersede the Rules of Use.
  • Present your coupon and/or mobile device to a participating merchant at the time you request your bill.
  • The merchant will retain your printed coupon. Or, for mobile offers, you will be asked to show your phone when redeeming.
  • Discounts exclude tax, tip and/or alcohol unless expressly stated otherwise and allowed by law.
  • Printable offers from the www.diningadvantage.com site expire 14 days from the date that the member printed the offer or as stated on the coupon.  Mobile offers are valid for ten minutes from the redemption being completed.
  • Offers are not valid with other discounts and are nontransferable.
  • One printed coupon or mobile offer may be used for every two people. Up to three printed coupons, or mobile offers may be used per party unless the offer states otherwise.
  • Some offers state that they allow 1–4 people; others up to 8. When an offer is for a specific percentage off the total dining bill, one bill per table will be totaled and only one coupon/mobile offer per table is allowed.
  • Offers are subject to the maximum dollar value stated. The least expensive item(s), up to the maximum value stated, will be deducted from your bill, or you will receive a percentage off the designated item(s), up to the maximum value stated.
  • When dining, tipping for satisfactory service should be 15–20% of the total bill before the discount amount is subtracted.
  • For restaurants offering a complimentary “menu item” when a second is purchased, a “menu item” is a main course or entrée item.
  • Dining offers are not valid on children’s menu items, discount-priced daily specials, senior citizen rates, early bird specials, carryout/takeout, and buffets unless otherwise noted.
  • Major holidays are excluded: New Year’s Eve/Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve/Day. Additionally, for Canada: Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labor Day and Boxing Day. Please check with the merchant regarding other regional or local holidays that might be excluded. 
  • For Louisville, KY:  Offers not valid during Derby Week or Derby-related events.
  • Limitations of liability stated above may not apply in the city of San Diego. See San Diego Municipal Code 33.2713.
  • For Tennessee and Wisconsin:  Redemption may be subject to certain conditions and limitations, which must be stated on the coupon.  You are entitled to inspect the coupon before purchase.
  • Coupons and Entertainment® Membership Cards are not gift cards.
  • Coupons void if purchased, sold or bartered for cash. Coupons void if photocopied or reproduced.

Additional Notices and General Provisions

The barter, trade, sale, purchase or transfer for compensation of the Dining Advantage® Promotional Gift Cards or Promotional Gift Codes, in whole or in part or any of the program’s offers or coupons, is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized by Entertainment®. This program and its offers are intended for the personal use of the individual purchaser and are not valid with other discount offers or in other cities unless otherwise specified. The use of this program or any of its components or offers for advertising purposes, in any form or fashion, is strictly prohibited and prohibited from barter or resale. Any use of an offer in violation of the Rules of Use will render the offer VOID and Entertainment will pursue all legal remedies available to it by law. Offers may not be reproduced and are void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law. Entertainment®, and/or its parent or subsidiaries, will not be responsible if any establishment breaches its contract or refuses to accept the coupons/mobile offers; however, it will attempt to secure compliance.

Entertainment® and the distributor(s) (“Distributor(s)”) of Dining Advantage® Promotional Gift Cards and Promotional Gift Codes disclaim all alleged liability for bodily injury or property damage resulting from any accident, event or occurrence on, or resulting from the use of, the premises of the participating businesses. Entertainment® disclaims all warranties express, implied or otherwise imposed by law, regarding the condition of those premises or the safety of same. Entertainment® and Distributors disclaim all alleged vicarious liability for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the acts or omissions of the participating businesses. By using any Dining Advantage® Promotional Gift Card(s) or Promotional Gift Code(s), you agree to indemnify, defend, hold harmless and release Entertainment and Distributor(s) from any and all costs, damages, liabilities and injuries sustained or incurred as a result of, or in any way connected to, use of said card(s) or code(s).